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The Tools of Today, Building the Business of Tomorrow

Developing applications, be it as a product or as a solution, takes more than just coding and launching. There are many things that must taken into account: design, testing and monitoring, deployment, ensuring compatibility, and storage and security.

Microsoft’s Azure is a cloud platform, a toolkit, a database, a digital business environment, and a community, all at the same time. Azure has essentially become the industry-standard for small-to-midsize App developers and companies looking to develop native applications for their own use.

Azure is a continuously growing collection of cloud tools, services, apps, and frameworks. It’s designed to help developers create, store, and deploy their applications over multiple platforms, aligned to whatever needs their business demands. With Azure, technology and infrastructure management are simplified, leaving developers to their creativity, working under one of the most secure and trusted environments in the world.

Flexible and Versatile

Azure not only provides a vast network of tools and services, it also works in perfect conjunction with a wide variety of systems and technologies across many different industries. This means that applications developed on the Azure environment have near-guaranteed compatibility with most market-leading systems and technologies. This simplifies migration, deployment, and integration into existing technology.

Complete Solution

Simply put, Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive, one stop cloud solution. Beyond providing tools and frameworks to develop and manage applications, Azure provides access to vital analytics tools, business intelligence resources, digital marketing services, and DevOps processes. Foresight on application behavior can be determined through predictive analytics capable of processing data from multiple sources.

Additionally, Azure serves as a data-warehouse solution and a platform for Server-free computing. Azure offers flexible data storage plans that can adjust to your company’s budget based on use and demand of service.

Secure and Trusted

Azure is steadily becoming and industry-standard cloud solution, currently used by major corporations such as 3M, General Electric, BMW, among others. Azure presents a heavily monitored, highly-secure environment, all supported on Microsoft’s Cloud infrastructure.