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Tech Solutions Built To Fit

Working with eConsortium gives you the advantage of securing solutions that are designed to solve issues specific to your business activities. This allows companies to avoid the hassle and cost of adjusting to mass market software, with applications being developed to tackle their unique needs instead. This also allows companies to outsource the creation of application solutions, rather than trying to finance an in-house dev team.

Through an initial evaluation process and interview, eConsortium gathers key information and gains insight into a clients’ organization. This assessment reveals crucial shortcomings, as well as major areas of opportunity in a company’s operations. Our goal is to zero in on these areas and, through a combined effort of partner software products, industry best practices, and development of native applications, improve overall operations and ultimately, revenue.

eConsortium has been premiere application development company for over a decade, working with both small businesses and corporate enterprise. We have created software for a wide array of industries and services, including healthcare, oil & gas, and law and technology firms as well. Our experience as an application developer, along with the talent of our team, is our guarantee that eConsortium is the right choice for your business software needs.