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2401 Fountain View Dr. Suite 920 Houston, TX 77057

What to Expect On the Day of the Test

Location: eConsortium is located in the Comerica Bank building at 2401 Fountainview Drive, at the intersection of Fountainview and Burgoyne. Parking is available on the south side of the building. We are on the 9 th floor in suite 920. Use the touch pad at the lobby elevator to select floor 9, then follow the onscreen instructions for which elevator to take.

Restrooms are down the hall from our office. They are unlocked.

Lockers are available to store personal items. These measure 36w x 12d x 72h”. Each locker has a lock with a key. Testers will keep their keys with them during the exam. Access to personal items is restricted during exams, with the exception of food and medication.

Sign In Procedure: Most tests require two forms of identification, one of which must be a government-issued photo ID. The other can be a credit card. Pearson testers are required to sign a rules acknowledgement and log sheet with their sign in time and exam number. Kryterion testers are required to bring their test taker authorization code in order for the proctor to log into the exam. Kryterion testers need only to present their two IDs and authorization code; there is no paperwork to sign.

Food and Drinks are not allowed inside the testing room per testing company guidelines. Space is available at reception for testers wishing to bring a bottle of water. Testers may come out of the testing room to access their water at any time.

Guests Accompanying Testers: Testing company rules do not allow guests to remain inside the testing center. Seating is available in the main lobby on the ground floor of the building.

Results: Many Pearson tests automatically print score reports. Please consult your confirmation email prior to testing to find out if you should expect a score report. Your Pearson score report will only print once you click "end exam" on your test screen. Kryterion tests do not print out score reports. You will receive your results via email. Proctors do not have access to Kryterion score reports.

Interruptions: Answers are saved while tests are in progress. In the event of a power outage or technical issue, the tests will automatically stop the countdown clocks and save answers, awaiting proctor access codes to restart once connectivity is re-established. If the technical issue is due to a problem with the testing company’s server, we are advised to give them 30 minutes to resolve the issue. If problems occur that case longer interruptions, testers will be given the option to wait or reschedule.